About the company

Atrity Info Solutions Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is one of the fastest growing IT companies in India known for its Dedication, Passion, and Excellence. We believe that technology solutions, when brought together with business goals, can open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Our crowning priority is to provide the most adept services that help clients transform themselves into a truly digital & data-driven enterprise. We specialize in understanding our customers’ needs to counter upcoming business challenges, the ones that are unique to their line of work.

Atrity’s modest beginnings had a very small clientele that grew quickly purely due to our dedication and client focus. Today, we are proud to have hundreds of customers in India and abroad; ranging from small businesses to huge organizations, manufacturing units to universities, and healthcare divisions to the hospitality sector. We also have a track record of lifting up entrepreneurial start-ups and we continue to grow and innovate with every project we deliver.

Vision & Mission

Atrity Info Solutions aims to specify client delectation only by providing best quality information technology services of with significant Vision for a productive business relationship.

We believe that technology demands innovation at any cost along with the development of coordination among key players, the target being the achievement of common goals. This is necessary in order to deliver excellence with the best-fit quality solutions. Our main focus is on an instituting bond of trust with our clients on the foundation of quality, safety and high returns.

Our mission is to deliver quality services with a gentle personal touch in order to surmount client’s expectations. We provide customized solutions that cater to esoteric needs of our partners. With Atrity, you can expect a long-lasting relationship based on trust, mutual respect and pride.

Quality & Support

In a long run, your success or failure depends on one major factor, which is quality. Similarly, our success thrives on the shoulders of quality products and innovative solutions we deliver to our clients. To provide real business value through technology, an understanding of the client’s needs and goals is at the centre of every solution and proposal we have produced. Our methodology has been built to ensure that we are consistently exceeding the goals set for us.

While implementing our IT solutions we implement solutions and exit the client’s premises, we also commit to training the client’s staff so that they can make the best out of a solution. We are devoted to bringing out best quality from solutions by facilitating ease in operations and allowing minimum to no errors.

What Atrity can do for You

Atrity can integrate your systems to processes quickly and effectively with flexible deployment options that empower you. It all happens with the best-equipped network infrastructures available to date.
Atrity has a foothold in unparalleled technical strategies as well as highly user-friendly and customized end to end application management. Our solutions and strategies are bound to improve overall growth of our clients in the competitive environment of today.

Since our inception, we have seen rapid development in business with our concept of serving small to mid-sized enterprises and adding value to their solutions. Now, we have moved into providing affordable software development solutions to many large enterprises in order to break the bubble and open up a world of opportunities.

We have successfully engineered our own methodology in IT solutions, which primarily considers the principles of an agile manifesto. As your IT partners, we strategize to enhance your web presence. We can do that by handling online business processes through the specialized web and mobile based applications that generate streams of revenue while establishing the blueprint for a well-equipped network infrastructure.

Our mission is to become a bridge between a company and technology, which will eventually lead to the realization of your ambitions and vision for your business. The customized solutions we develop exhibit our capabilities also include steering dynamic businesses that involve large amounts of data.

While consulting Atrity, you will have a resource that delivers results to be measured in terms of revenue improvement and cost reduction, right from the start. Some areas where we can contribute to help your business grow:

  • Industry Compliance and Regulation
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Security and Network Analysis
  • Network, Server, and Storage consolidation/management
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Staffing solutions

Contact our friendly staff today to find out how we can help your brand make the best of opportunities relevant to your industry and keep up to date to tackle challenges that follow.

Our Team

Any company’s growth is entirely related to how its human capital performs when needed to. We take pride in retaining some of the most experienced, energized and motivated top guns in the industry. Our team stays ahead with the latest technology and works together in order to deliver astonishing digital transformations.

Our team’s substantial experience in both services, as well as products, sets us apart in laying down development plans like no one else. The staff is well-versed in working within specific customer environments and is flexible to adapt – This provides us with a broader depth of knowledge and extensive resource base.

Our developers, engineers, creative designers and IT security experts respond promptly to the rapid changing environment of a project to ensure that we deliver the best out of our services, each time. We believe in professional communication with a personal touch to speed up the job and make our clients feel relaxed while working with us.

Why Atrity?

Atrity is a specialized IT solution provider devoted to generating not just a one-off business but a life-long utility with the services provide. Our approach ensures better business value from these custom designed solutions and services that will not only meet current business needs but also define a future technology guideline. We entrust service continuity through an effective management framework.

We design solutions to help you attain a competitive edge and year-round savings with technology advancement. Our belief essentially lies in mutual collaboration, and that is beneficial to our as well as the client’s growth. Atrity represents only the most competitive priced as well as reliable hardware and software solutions in the industry while developing a unique line-up of quality products.

For many clients, a major dilemma is a choice between maintaining their own IT support team that is never good on a budget or to outsource their requirements to a vendor. Following the economic trends, it is almost impossible to staff all of the skills needed to support a company’s IT needs. Atrity, with their team of professionals, will take on your challenges and deliver seamless IT solutions.

Being a full-service IT Company, we have successfully provided developers, administrators, project managers, and engineers for companies all over the globe.

We provide everything from periodic hourly assistance to complete project work – You choose the resource that best fits your needs.

Other than these, there are more benefits of working with Atrity (major keynotes of Atrity’s services):

  • Reliable, time-bound delivery
  • Full control over applications
  • Access to latest technologies
  • Remote maintenance
  • Efficient project management
  • Dynamic programming
  • Endearing design
  • Agile model
  • Continuous improvements (Upgrades)
  • Experienced quality team
  • 24 × 7 customer support